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Eastbank Street, Southport

Quadriga were instructed by WHR on behalf of Tosca NW Ltd in April 2015 to undertake a significan conservation project. The order for No 8 Eastbank Street included extensive brick, stone and roof repairs.  Cracking  to brickwork columns was apparent and further investigations revealed significant levels of corrosion damage to the steel. If left untreated this would inevitably lead to further displacement and damage to facing materials and ultimately falling debris and loss of structural sections of the steel beams. Corrosion was also seen in the steel reinforcing of the concrete canopy to Eastbank Street and King Street elevations.

It was decided that a cathodic protection system should be installed. Discrete DuoGuard anodes were installed into an activating embedding mortar within holes drilled into the structure. The units were connected in groups to a temporary power supply which delivered current to the steel over several days. This resulted in the build-up of passivating alkaline compounds on the surface of the steel which prevents access of aggressive agents to the steel surface. Once the initial temporary impressed current was delivered to the steel, the temporary power supply was removed and the anodes were connected directly to the steel to offer sacrificial protection to the steel over the long term.

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