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Great Northern 1 - NCP

Gt Northern Warehouse 1 is a very busy NCP car park in central Manchester. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is crucial that maintenance work minimises both disruption to customer’s  and loss of income.

As framework contractor to NCP, Quadriga Contracts Ltd work very closely with their client to carefully co-ordinate works to ensure aims, such as these, are achieved.

 Waterproofing work was required to the first floor of the car park. Quadrigas’ biggest consideration was time, both in terms of when the work was done and work duration.

Having studied the car park usage, it was decided the work should be undertaken at night, however, the choice of product was crucial. It needed to cure quickly to allow the car park to be operational for the busy morning usage.

 Quadriga opted for BIMAGRIP HD, a skid resistant solution for the treatment of both vehicular and pedestrian decks.

 The system comprises of a polyurethane primer, a flexible fast cure polyurethane adhesive and a dressing of a selected, durable aggregate.

 The product, along with a well-managed experienced team, allowed Gt Northern Warehouse 1 to reopen to traffic just two hours after application.

The project demonstrated the importance of specialised knowledge of industry products and the need to liaise closely with customers to ensure that their business aims are taken into consideration



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