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Dale House Manchester

35 Dale Street, a Grade II listed building which sits on the corner of Port Street and Dale Street in Manchester, has been externally refurbished by Quadriga Ltd. Built in 1903, the six storey building was built by Richard Howarth, a Victorian entrepreneur who rose from virtual poverty to a position of wealth in the cotton industry.

Works were extensive and included; cleaning of the façade, repairs to the distinctive pink terracotta, repairs to the original timber frame sash windows along with repointing of the façade & restoration of the light well.


Terracotta and faience clad structures are often cleaned incorrectly and major problems can be created by abrasive cleaning methods and the incorrect use of materials. Quadriga used the ‘Doff’ method, a steam based heated cleaning system that removes moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and also kills off spores, negating the use of any chemical biocide. Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is gentle and the volume of water is very low. The surface is was therefore not saturated and dried within minutes.

Terracotta Repairs

Repair (for conservation purposes) is always preferable to replacement and using the correct materials to ensure the surface texture matches the original as closely as possible takes expertise and specialist knowledge. Having carefully studied Dale House, Lithomix by Masons Mortars was specified and the terracotta was expertly restored by highly experienced workers, employed directly by Quadriga Contracts Ltd.


Sash Window Restoration

Sash Windows  became popular around 250 years ago and continue to enhance the architectural integrity and beauty of historic buildings. Skilled craftsmen from Quadriga, who were dedicated solely to the conservation of the wooden windows at Dale House, made up part of the construction team. Wherever possible Quadriga repaired rather than replaced and in most cases the original timbers were of a higher quality than the modern day equivalent.


Another project successfully completed within both time and budget.


Why use Quadriga?

  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
  2. Experienced historic building restorers
  3. Dedicated to innovation
  4. Understand traditional and contemporary materials and techniques
  5. Quadriga believe in conservation

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