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Victoria Station, Manchester, Restoration

Following on from a survey conducted by Quadriga in 2011, Quadriga were invited to tender for numerous works as part of Manchester Victoria Stations £44 million refurbishment project.

Over the last 18 months Quadriga have been busy restoring some of the finest parts of Victoria Train Station back to its original splendour.

The station was built in 1844 for the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company, alterations and enlargements were completed to the station by William Dawes in a neo-Baroque style in 1909 for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company.

The station received Grade II listed building status in 1988 for its period features, and neo-Baroque Edwardian facade, ticketing hall, dome, tiled map of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and a memorial for servicemen who did  not return after World War 1.  All of the features have been sympathetically restored by Quadriga in situ.

Included within our package;

Repair and restoration to the Victorian tiles, cracked and missing glazed Victorian tiles were re-made in situ by skilled operatives in the traditional way and sprayed once bonded to the exact pantone of the original.

War Memorial –Specialist clean and replacement of lost detail to the bronze war memorial which is found below the huge ceramic map of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.  The memorial was first unveiled in 1922 in memory to the men of the Yorkshire and Lancashire railway who had given their life in the Great War.  Since 1922, St George, who is on the right of the memorial slaying the dragon, had lost his lance and three of the five bronze bollards had been lost.   As part of this element of works, Quadriga reproduced the lost bronze bollards and fabricated St Georges’ lance in stainless steel.  The whole memorial was cleaned, coated in bronze and mechanically buffered.


Restoration of the Edwardian Glass Dome – The dome roof had been in place for over a century and had received very little in the way of maintenance.  The dome was cleaned internally and externally, cracked pieces of glass were replaced from suitable pieces of restoration glass, timber was repaired and the whole dome was painted in ‘Slaked Lime’.


Removal and replacement of ornate ceilings - Large sections of the ornate plastered ceilings had to be taken down and replaced due to dry and wet rot.  The pattern was a short repeat, so Quadriga were able to take a little from site, re-create off site and return in 2 metre runs.

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