Quadriga Restores Iconic London Street

Oxford Street is famous as one of London’s premier shopping areas, with huge brand names such as Selfridges and John Lewis placing some of their largest branches here.

Quadriga has been working hard on a small section of this road to restore 443-451 Oxford Street to its former glory, carrying out a range of repairs to help keep this popular street an attractive place to visit.

Oxford Street Cleaning

As with many projects of this nature, our first step was to carry out a full facade cleaning in order to fully ascertain where our repair efforts should be focused. Naturally, there was the added bonus of improving the building’s aesthetic value.

Before beginning this work, Quadriga thoroughly checked the structure for any obvious areas where water ingress could be a possibility, such as air vents and grates. These were sealed prior to cleaning.

Nebulous water and detergent was applied to eliminate dirt and grime from surfaces, and a high pressure wash ensured all excess material was removed.

Oxford Street Restoration

There was some deterioration of both stone and brickwork in these buildings, and each issue was addressed in a slightly different way.

Decayed or defective stonework was cut back to allow non-ferrous dowels to be inserted. This reinforced the structure, and lightweight polymer mortar was then tightly packed to restore any gaps. The repair was completed with a wooden float, included to maintain the building’s original line and profile.

Brickwork was restored using epoxy resin to maintain the original aesthetic value of the building, while joints were re-pointed where necessary.

Another feature of these buildings is their attractive balconies, and these were rendered structurally secure by adding in situ soffits and supporting brackets as required.

One side of the building is situated on neighbouring North Audley Street, and this area was also tended to by Quadriga, as we repaired defective brick and stone features using a variety of in situ and Helifix methods.

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Our Oxford Street work is just one of many jobs we have undertaken recently to restore and repair buildings across the UK. Take a look at some of our other recent projects for further examples of what we do.


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