CPD Seminar Review

In March this year we undertook another of our popular CPD seminars with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. Our Common Defects in Victorian Buildings CPD provides an informative overview which will guide you through the process of surveying a Victorian building.

The seminar was attended by 40 delegates and we received excellent feedback, with a report on the session being published on the CABE website. 

In addition to this seminar, Quadriga currently offer two further CPD seminars with the following titles; 

Restoring a past…preserving a future

This CPD seminar provides an informative overview of traditional and contemporary repair solutions which can be used in historic building restoration, conversation and preservation.

Guidance for Surveying Historic and Listed Buildings

In this presentation Quadriga provides information on the best practice for surveying listed buildings.

The seminar content ranges from mortgage valuation dilemmas to the latest developments related to Listed Building Consents.


For more information on any of the CPD seminars Quadriga offer, please fill out the enquiry form on the right or telephone 01606 330 888 and we’d be happy to talk them through with you. 

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