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Printworks Facade Survey

Client: The Printworks

Location: Manchester City Centre

Contract: Full Façade Survey 

Duration: 1 week


The Printworks is a large entertainment venue located in the heart of Manchester city centre. The site was first established in 1873 by Edward Hulton, as the business property for his 19th Century Newspaper. The building was used until 1986 when it was bought by Robert Maxwell for £1. The building was then derelict until 1998.

In 1998 it was re-developed and transformed into the venue it is today. Its name ‘The Printworks’ reflects its history as a printing press.

In mid-January Quadriga undertook a full façade stonework survey to identify defects such as cracking, fissures or deterioration. The survey was undertaken over the course of 7 nights to ensure minimal disruption at the city centre location. The survey was completed by one of our experienced building surveyors.

Surveys are a growing part of Quadriga’s business. For more information on the types of surveys we offer please contact Lindsay on 0161 883 2153 or email 


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