Castle Restoration

Castles are popular tourist attractions across the country, with thousands of people coming to visit these spectacular historic monuments.

Keeping these structures in good condition can be vital to ensure they can continue to welcome visitors and that local tourism remains at a profitable level. Quadriga’s extensive portfolio of work with historic properties means our castle restoration work will help keep the building looking its best.

Managing your restoration project

Like any other tourist attraction, when it comes to castles they need to remain open to the public as much as possible in order to keep making money.

This often rules out wholesale, extensive castle restoration work, and wherever possible Quadriga uses many techniques to safeguard the future of the structure without forcing a temporary closure.

Our work includes repairs to stone, masonry, brickwork and timber such as resin injection and helical reinforcement. In cases where repairs to a cracked or weathered structure are needed, our techniques get the job done without spoiling the aesthetic value of the castle, undertaking a repair that is almost invisible.

We also take steps to safeguard the long term future of your castle, with many techniques employed to make certain that all defects are dealt with and that our work helps prevent them from reoccurring.

For example, through the use of stone cleaning we can quickly see where the most serious defects are and get to work repairing them. We can then use protective coatings to help the structure slow down the natural weathering process and keep the castle in full working order for as long as possible.

Ask Quadriga about castle restoration

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