Church Restoration

Our restoration works aims to both repair the structure and preserve its original aesthetic value as far as possible. This is particularly important with church restoration, where projects frequently involve structures that have great historical significance.

Due to their age, churches will often feature both stone and timber elements, and it is important that both of these are tended to in order for the building to remain safe and secure. Whether you have a specific issue in mind or are looking to have the full structure surveyed, there are many state-of-the-art techniques we can employ.

Coordinating restoration projects

As with all our historic restoration work, we will start by fully inspecting your church in order to identify any issues that require attention. This will be carried out carefully and methodically, and our subsequent recommendations will be supported by data we have collected on the church’s condition.

Our aim is to find the most cost-effective, least time consuming way to restore your church to its best possible condition.

Stonework may require complete renewal, in situ repairs or consolidation depending on the seriousness of the issue. These problems are usually uncovered through cleaning, and we will then be able to advise you on the cause of the damage so that this can be prevented from reoccurring.

Timber requires a slightly different approach, as the risks associated with this material are different. For example, it is much more susceptible to decay than masonry, and we have specialist treatments that will guard against fungus, rotting and wood-boring insects.

We also use steel reinforcement to strengthen the wood and maintain its load-bearing capacity, thereby securing the safety of your church.

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