Listed Building Restoration

Quadriga carries out a wide variety of restoration projects, so when it comes to historically significant listed buildings we are fully aware of the care that needs to be taken.

Our work must ensure that the building retains its original charm, whilst being made structurally sound in the long-term. There are a number of ways in which we can achieve this.

What We Do

As is the case with all our projects, we will visit your listed building to carry out a full inspection and determine exactly what needs to be done. Once this has been done, we can put together a plan of action and provide a full financial breakdown of the work we will undertake.

Our experts can carry out high quality restoration work on a range of materials, from timber to stone and brickwork.

Timber is found regularly in older listed buildings, and it is vital to ensure the strength of wooden beams remains over time, keeping the site structurally sound. Our work can include applying preservation treatments to keep out pests, or even adding full steel reinforcement to supplement the original timber.

When it comes to stone buildings such as castles, there are a wide variety of materials that could be present. As such, restoration requires an expert to identify the different materials present and ensure as much as possible is done to preserve every kind of stone present.

We can also return building facades to their original state, ensuring your building exterior remains eye-catching. This could prove essential for attracting visitors, which a lot of listed buildings rely on to generate the funds that are used to maintain them.

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  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
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