Survey Diagnosis & Proposal

When surveying a structure, Quadriga first ascertain whether repair is necessary. If it is, then considerations are made to use traditional or reversible techniques to ensure continued life.

Quadrigas exhaustive building survey can include non-destructive testing and industrial abseiling, as they examine every inch of the structure from the foundations to the rooftop. Furthermore Quadrigas expertise and experience in historic building restoration, allows them to conduct surveys while closely following guidelines for buildings which have listed status.

Upon completion of survey a report is prepared to provide to their client which will include specification and budget costings.

We are suitable experienced to inspect and advise on most suitable methods of repairing concrete, stone, brick and timber.


Why use Quadriga?

  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
  2. Experienced historic building restorers
  3. Dedicated to innovation
  4. Understand traditional and contemporary materials and techniques
  5. Quadriga believe in conservation

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