Bird Repellent Systems

Bird Repellent and Deterrent Systems.

Birds can be a real nuisance if they get into your building, and as they invariably rest or perch in hard to reach places, they can be difficult to deal with if you let the problem get out of control.

Fortunately, Quadriga is able to provide many bird deterrent options that will help alleviate the problem, with different types of bird proofing available depending on the type of building and species of bird involved.


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 Bird Deterrants

The primary goal is to create an environment that is unsuitable for birds to nest or rest in, as this will force them to look elsewhere. Bird deterrents such as spikes and netting are an ideal way to do this, as they ensure the birds’ usual favoured spots are rendered inaccessible.

Bird droppings are one of the most serious consequences of allowing birds to remain in your property. Quite apart from being unsightly for anyone who needs to use the building, these are unsanitary and will likely result in large, regular cleaning bills if you allow the bird situation to remain unchecked. Quadriga can help with a full decontamination and cleaning service if this is required before the installation of proper bird proofing measures.

Pest control services

Quadriga is well placed to help deal with any problems you may have in this area. Services include the routine checking of internal and external bait monitors and specialist reporting, while we can also provide:

  • Auditing of existing pest control systems
  • Technical inspection reports
  • Dirty house clearance, including sharp removal

We go to great lengths to ensure our work is of high quality, professional and cost effective, regardless of the scale or difficulty required by your project.