Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Maintenance and preservation

To keep our buildings looking their best, maintenance and care is vital. Dependent on the type of building and its architecture, different approaches are needed to ensure protection of the buildings character, fabric and structure.

Quadriga specialise in techniques which can protect, maintain, and stabilise the existing materials, form, and integrity of a historic place or of an individual component.

Maintenance techniques from Quadriga also have the added advantage of minimising further deterioration in both aesthetic and structural elements of concrete, brick, stone and timber structures.

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We have the expertise to carry out building surveys on any building, including those with listed status


What is building maintenance?

Our maintenance techniques provide a commercially viable option to repair your building and preserve it for the future.

Cleaning treatments
Thorough cleaning of the external facades of a building can make a significant difference to its overall appearance.

Bird repellent systems 

Quadriga is able to provide many bird deterrent options that will help alleviate the problem, with different types of bird proofing available depending on the type of building and species of bird involved.


Structural Repair

Quadriga deliver structural repair services include epoxy resin injection for concrete crack repair, helical reinforcement and carbon fibre plate bonding. All our structural repair projects are carefully planned and implemented by our expert engineers to restore structural stability with minimal disruption.


Waterproofing System

Incorrect diagnosis and selection of unsuitable waterproofing systems can prove to be expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. Quadriga is experienced in many types of waterproofing systems and can recommend and specify appropriate systems to provide cost effective, guaranteed solutions.