Façade Maintenance & Restoration

The preservation and restoration of original building façades.

In recent years, there has been an awakening in the need for conservation of our heritage, and this has necessitated the preservation and restoration of original building façades.

For the construction industry, there has been a requirement for a special approach by design, construction and maintenance teams in order to minimise disturbance to the original structure during refurbishment works.


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What is Façade Maintenance?

Anyone with a responsibility for a building and its façades should be aware of the maintenance procedures required to prevent deterioration.

These might include re-pointing of defective joints, removal of organic growths, protection against frost damage, renewal of mastic pointing, bird repellent systems or anti-carbonation coatings.

Quadriga specialises in the systems used to upgrade and maintain building façades, regularly using methods such as pinning, injection and in situ mortar repairs to restore damaged components. Repair techniques from Quadriga also have the added advantage of minimising further deterioration in both aesthetic and structural elements of concrete, brick, stone and timber structures.

Landmark structures across the UK

We have applied these skills across many large scale projects, carrying out facade restoration on landmark structures in cities across the country, including in London, Manchester and Cardiff. The efforts of our restorers mean these buildings remain as aesthetically pleasing as ever, while our prevention techniques mean they are now better prepared to deal with the primary causes of deterioration.