Manchester Royal Exchange

Client: 2110 Consult

Contract: Façade Restoration      |       Status: Principal Contractor      |       Value: £1.4m     |      Duration: 10 months

Quadriga have recently completed a £1.35million project to restore the Grade II Listed fully occupied Royal Exchange in Manchester.

Built in 1874 and used as a textile trading exchange, the building is rich with history. Remodelling took place in 1914, with much of the detailed stonework and masonry of the external elevations dating back to this time. Since then the building has undergone numerous modifications, in part due to the Manchester Blitz during the Second World War and the Manchester bombing in 1996, which caused significant damage to the structure.

During the 10 month scheme, Quadriga sensitively restored the stonework, enhancing all four external elevations of this local landmark using materials and finishes in keeping with original features. This is complemented with new feature lighting and signage. The existing retail arcade that links Cross Street with St. Anns Square was also respectfully refurbished.

Works included:

  • In-situ stonework restoration
  • Masonry cleaning and repairs
  • Installation of external lighting and feature lighting
  • Installation of shop signage
  • New shop fronts with coatings for aesthetically pleasing, uniformed and light feel
  • Arcade refurbishment—including new tiled flooring with incorporated logo and a modern ornate ceiling
  • Office redecoration



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