Strengthening & Waterproofing

Helical Bar Reinforced Repairs

We are a Helifix Approved Installer and can install all the reinforcement systems offered by Helifix in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Resin Injection and Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

Quadriga offer innovative and flexible solutions to effectively treat steel corrosion problems on a wide variety of concrete structures such as bridges, car parks, coastal, industrial and high rise structures.

Waterproofing Systems

Incorrect diagnosis and selection of unsuitable waterproofing systems can prove to be expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. Quadriga is experienced in many types of waterproofing systems and can recommend and specify appropriate systems to provide cost effective, guaranteed solutions.


Why use Quadriga?

  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
  2. Experienced historic building restorers
  3. Dedicated to innovation
  4. Understand traditional and contemporary materials and techniques
  5. Quadriga believe in conservation

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