The Chapel, Deansgate

Client: Shirestone Estates

Contract: Facade Restoration      |       Status: Principal Contractor      |       Value: £82,000      |      Duration: 10 Weeks

Scaffold was erected early in 2017 for Quadriga to externally revive and repair the stone and brickwork to this Grade II listed building.

On the edge of the Castelfield Urban Heritage park, sits Deansgate Chapel. Designed by Edward Walters as a congregational chapel in the mid 1800’s. The building was home to Stock, Aitken and Waterman during the 1980s which saw frequent visits from artists such as Kylie Minogue.

Works included:

  • Clean stone and brickwork using high pressure water jet to remove all moss, algae, and carbon staining.
  • Restore and repoint all stonework to decorative mouldings, windows, and pediments
  • Restore and repoint all stonework to the Bell Tower including cornice, pilaster capitals and dental courses.
  • Install new lead box gutter to Bell Tower roof, overhaul lightening protection system.
  • Brick indents to buttress walls and general lime sand patch pointing throughout.
  • Consolidation of stonework where necessary throughout the building to arrest and prevent future erosion, ensuring a degree of longevity between maintenance cycles.
  • Works to Bell Tower were undertaken from a specially designed scaffold, that was fixed to the tower with a bracket and beam system, as not to put loading onto main roof structure.
  • Minor remedial works to bell tower roof dormers including replacing timber louvers.
  • Installation of bird netting to arched openings in Bell Tower



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