Tile Restoration

Repair and Restore

Tile restoration is a growing part of Quadriga’s business.

Using innovative technologies, Quadriga are able to repair and restore aged and damaged ceramic tiles in situ.

Creating molds and using a unique mix Quadriga are able to perfectly recreate missing tiles to match their surroundings and using the very latest technology we are able to perfectly match the pantone of its neighbouring tile.

The coatings are spray applied by our skilled craftsmen in situ.

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We have the expertise to carry out building surveys on any building, including those with listed status


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If you are interested in using Quadriga’s services for your tile restoration project, you can contact us on
01606 330 888 or at info@quadrigaltd.com.


Our services also extend to other restoration tasks such as masonry and stone repair, timber repair, cathodic protection, damp and waterproofing prevention and Helifix installation. We can help with anything from grand castles and churches to schools and shopping centres, so get in touch and find out how we could assist with your project.

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We are suitably experienced to inspect and advise on the most suitable methods of repairing concrete, stone, brick and timber

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Quadriga is an award winning historic building restoration specialist

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Our work aims to repair whilst preserving the original aesthetic value as far as possible

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