Waterproofing Systems

Damp penetration can cause major deterioration of the building fabric, growth of wood rotting fungi and reduced durability of basements. To overcome these defects, a number of remedial treatments are available from Quadriga.

Incorrect diagnosis and selection of unsuitable waterproofing systems can prove to be expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. Quadriga is experienced in many types of waterproofing systems and can recommend and specify appropriate systems to provide cost effective, guaranteed solutions.

deck membranes

Waterproofing Deck Membranes

Repair and maintenance of existing or the provision of new waterproof deck membranes can provide continued protection against costly concrete deterioration.

It can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of an otherwise dull, grey concrete surface and create non-slip adhesion to ramps and walkways. The membrane forms a blank canvas for directional signage and demarcation routes, and more recently a source of potential advertising space.

All too often the failure of deck joints create a number of problems in structures, including water penetration into the slabs causing deterioration of the concrete, ponding of water, salt laden moisture dripping on people and vehicles, and water penetration into light fittings.

joint and crack

 Joint and Crack Sealing

Where structural movement is unavoidable, flexible polyurethane injection or hyperlon strip membranes can be installed. These allow dynamic movement of the structure without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing system.

Blackpool Central Libray

Waterproofing Roofs

In the early 19th century, roofs were made from locally available materials.  This change during the industrial revolution when materials such as slate could be transported across the country.  There a number of causes of water ingress through roofs including slipped slates, spalling of and breakage of tiles and slate, loss of degradation of flashings, damage from weather conditions and general wear and tear.

It is important to address these issues as water ingress can quickly cause problems in other parts of a building.  Roofing works in historic buildings require specialist knowledge and experience with restoration measures including:

  • Slate re-fixing and replacement
  • Tiles re-fixing and replacement
  • Roof timber repair
  • Repair and replacement of flashings
  • Temporary roof coverings



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