Preserving and restoring original building façades

In recent years, there has been an awakening in the need for conservation of our heritage, and this has necessitated the preservation and restoration of original building façades.

It is important for design, construction and maintenance teams to take a sympathetic approach in order to minimise disturbance to the original structure during refurbishment works.

Quadriga specialise in the conservation, preservation, restoration and repair of  historic buildings, using techniques to protect, maintain, and stabilise their integrity.  Preservation can include both short-term and interim measures to protect or stabilize the structure, as well as long-term actions to halt deterioration or prevent damage. This ensures that the building can be kept serviceable through routine maintenance and minimal repair, rather than extensive replacement and new construction.


Restoration of historic buildings can facilitate compatible contemporary uses, ensuring they remain occupied and are therefore less vulnerable to decay and abandonment.  Quadriga can give a historic structure a new lease of life while protecting its heritage value.

Work to restore or maintain an original façade might include:

  • Repointing of defective joints
  • Removal of dirt, grime or organic growth
  • Renewal of mastic pointing
  • Installation of bird repellent systems
  • Anti-carbonation coatings
  • Rainwater goods maintenance
  • Roof inspections

Types of Façade Maintenance

Quadriga specialises in the systems used to upgrade and maintain building façades, regularly using methods such as pinning, injection and in-situ mortar repairs to restore damaged components. Repair techniques from Quadriga also have the added advantage of minimising further deterioration in both aesthetic and structural elements of concrete, brick, stone and timber structures.

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