3D Point Cloud Survey

A 3D point cloud survey is a process that involves using advanced laser scanning technology to capture and record spatial data of a physical environment. This technique can create highly accurate and detailed 3D models of a building, quickly and efficiently.

During a 3D point cloud survey, a laser scanner is systematically placed within the area to be surveyed. The scanner emits laser beams that bounce off the building surfaces, creating a vast number of individual data points. Each data point represents a specific location in 3D space and includes information about its position, geometry, and sometimes colour.

These individual data points, or “point cloud,” form a dense collection of XYZ coordinates that accurately represent the characteristics of the surveyed property. The point cloud essentially acts as a digital map of the space, capturing its geometry and surface details with high precision.


This form of surveying is particularly useful for heritage buildings, as it allows us to gain a high level of accurate data without disturbing the fabric of a building. The captured point cloud data is processed and analysed using specialised software. We can even align it with other data sets, such as photographs or additional scans, to create a comprehensive and accurate representation of the surveyed area. The point cloud data can then be used to create CAD plans and 3D virtual models.

It isn’t unusual to conduct this type of survey at the beginning of the project to quantify repairs and then again at the end for use as an as-built record which complies with BIM protocols.

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