CPD Seminars

Quadriga offers Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) accredited, fully illustrated seminars covering a host of subjects relating to conservation, preservation and restoration of buildings.

Our presentations are of relevance to those who are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the care, repair and maintenance of historic and classical buildings.

Our techniques aim to give old buildings new life for future generations, and in our Construction CPD talks we pass on our knowledge and experience to you.

Restoring a Past…Preserving a Future

Quadriga provides an informative overview of traditional and contemporary repair solutions, which can be used in the conservation, preservation and restoration of buildings and structures.

This discussion will include details of our key areas of expertise, such as masonry, stone and timber. We will also look at case studies from some of Quadriga’s successful past and ongoing projects on historic buildings to show how we apply our methods in a practical way.

Seminar Content

  • Survey Considerations
  • Masonry Restoration
  • Stone Restoration
  • Timber Restoration
  • Heritage Refurbishment

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Guidance for Surveying Historic and Listed Buildings

Best practice for surveying listed buildings

Historic buildings constructed using techniques need to be maintained correctly so that the fabric and materials can function in the way the original builders intended.

Seminar Content

  • Mortgage valuation dilemmas
  • Unauthorised alterations and enforcement action
  • Defect diagnosis and building pathology
  • Care and repair options
  • Latest developments related to Listed Building Consents

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Common Defects in Victorian Houses

It is essential when surveying Victorian buildings to understand their unique aspects which can result in the appearance of common defects.

Quadriga provides an informative overview which will guide you through the process when surveying a Victorian property.

Seminar Content

  • The following areas will be covered:
  • How Victorian houses work
  • Design issues: common weak points
  • Damp: identification, defects, causes and solutions
  • Movement: identification, defects, causes and solutions
  • Great mistakes: common pitfalls and misguided alterations.

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City Centre Façades

Seminar content and slides coming soon!

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Our events take place in major cities across the UK throughout the year.

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Thank you Lindsay; this was one of the most interesting presentations I have attended.David Horton, Liverpool City Council

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  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
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  5. Quadriga believe in conservation

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