Survey Diagnosis & Proposal

Our exhaustive surveys can include non-distructive testing and industrial abseiling to examine your structure from its rooftop to its foundations along with Drone surveying and 3D Scanning.  Our many years of experience in dealing with historic structures enables us to conduct our surveys whilst closley following guidelines for buildings which have a listed status.

Façade Maintenance & Restoration

The condition of buildings' facade has a direct effect on the conception of what's inside.  For building owners, a striking facade could mean tenants are prepared to pay higher pound per square foot and for occupiers, it means thier customers will have a postivie first impression.  

 Strengthening & Waterproofing

As a building ages, structural defect can start to appear.  Quadriga offer a range of services that can restore the integrity of your buildings and structures.

Stone Masonry, Concrete & Timber Restoration

Stone masonry, concrete and timber have been used for generations in the construction of our buildings and structures.  Quadriga specialise in the maintenance to such buildings and restoration when they fall into disrepair.


Why use Quadriga?

  1. A team of multi-skilled specialists
  2. Experienced historic building restorers
  3. Dedicated to innovation
  4. Understand traditional and contemporary materials and techniques
  5. Quadriga believe in conservation

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