Masonry Repair

Traditional masonry restoration refers to the process of repairing, restoring or replacing masonry on heritage buildings using traditional methods and materials.  The aim is to address any damage or deterioration, whilst maintaining the significance and integrity of the structure.

Some common causes of masonry failures include weathering, poor repairs and maintenance, moisture ingress, poor construction, incorrect detailing and issues with the foundations.

In broad terms there are three alternatives for repairing defective masonry; complete renewal, in situ restoration, or in some cases, consolidation.

Before any restoration work is carried out, the building will be carefully assessed to understand the full extent of any damage. Quadriga have extensive experience in the repair, restoration and replacement of stone, brick, terracotta and faience.



Much the same principles apply to brickwork restoration as to stone. The spalling face can be cut back and restored forward with specialist repair mortars coloured and textured as required. Faces can be cut back and refaced or whole bricks totally cut out and new ones indented to match the surrounding substrate. Cracks can be repaired by grout or resin injection.


Terracotta and Faience

The failure of terracotta and faience façades is frequently due to the iron or steel reinforcement behind the surface which has inadequate protection from the weak mix clinker concrete surrounding it. Water penetration through the joints and the resulting expansion and corrosion will crack the terracotta or faience blocks and lead to still more decay. Injection resins behind the face can fill the voids, strengthen the mortar fill, re-bond the blocks, and often save costly cutting out and replacement.


Stucco and Render

The above techniques also apply to areas of stucco render. However, it is often the case that the backing substrate is of an unstable nature itself and these problems must be remedied prior to the restoration of the stucco.

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