Rainwater Goods

Good maintenance of rainwater goods is crucial to the preservation and longevity of historic buildings but unfortunately they can often be overlooked.  Rainwater goods are products installed to the exterior of a building to manage rainwater disposal and protect the building from water ingress and damage.  The style and materials of rainwater goods can indicate age and architectural style of a historic building with materials including cast iron, lead lined stone gutters, copper, aluminum and even timber.

If maintenance has not been carried regularly, rainwater goods may require restoration or replacement to avoid any deterioration to the building through water damage. Before nay work is carried out, historic research and a condition survey will take place to understand the original design and materials and current damage or missing elements.


Our experienced craftspeople use appropriate restoration techniques and authentic materials to match the original, ensuring compatibility with the building fabric.  Each building must be considered holistically as different factors can affect how a rainwater system deals with water.  For example, a building in a marine environment will have different water management requirements than a city centre location.

Once the rainwater goods have been restored or replaced, a maintenance plan should be developed to ensure their continued effectiveness.  Regular inspection and cleaning can reduce issues and the need for future works.

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