Concrete Repair

Experienced in all forms of concrete repair

Quadriga is experienced in all forms of concrete repair and is an approved applicator for all major product manufacturers.

Our staff and operatives have many years experience, and are suitably trained to offer a complete service; from problem diagnosis and product selection, through to careful preparation of steel reinforcement and application of concrete repair mortar to produce a durable repair.

The extent of the concrete repair required will be determined by hammer testing, carbonation depth testing and cover meter survey. Preparation may include grit blasting or powered wire brushing of the corroded reinforcement.

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Concrete repair techniques include application of polymer-modified mortars, grouts and synthetic mortars, resin injection of cracks and frequently the application of an anti-carbonation protective coating.

Whether a large scale project or small emergency repair, Quadriga can provide a fast and efficient response to all repair requirements.


Our concrete repair techniques

Concrete deterioration to structures is a major problem in the UK. Quadriga offers a range of specialist repair and protection techniques for problems such as chloride or carbonation attack, structural faults or inadequate cover to reinforcement. These techniques include:

  • Concrete repair – For the in situ repair or replacement of defective concrete members or structures using patch repair techniques.
  • Resin Injection – For the treatment of structural fractures, void consolidation, sealing of non-structural cracks and bonding of delaminated screeds.
  • Protective Coatings – Extend and guarantee the life of a structure by protection against chloride or carbonation attack. Applicable to new as well as older structures.
  • Expansion Joints – An effective solution to movement problems in either new or existing structures.
  • Carbon Fibre and Plate Bonding – Enables structural elements to be upgraded without introducing large steel profiles or secondary supports.

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