Moseley Road Baths is a Grade II* listed swimming pool which opened in 1907 in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham.  The baths are unique in the amount of original features which have been preserved and they are currently the only Grade II* listed baths still open for public swimming.  Following community campaigning to keep the pool open, a coalition was created including community groups, Birmingham City Council, the World Monument Fund, National Trust and Historic England which has provided funding and advice, enabling the restoration of the building.  Quadriga completed a variety of heritage restoration works between November 2021 and October 2022.


Works included

  • Erection of scaffolding in two phases.
  • Reroofing including cleaning out voids between the roof finish and lath and plaster.
  • New felt, batten and slate roof coverings were installed.
  • Careful removal of gutters and downpipes which were recorded and refurbished off site. Any which couldn’t be refurbished were replaced to exactly match the original.
  • Cleaning of the façade using a super heated steam clean to gently but effectively remove dirt and deposits.
  • Masonry including brickwork was restored and replaced where necessary to match the original.
  • Terracotta repair and replacement.
  • Window repair.
  • Cleaning of glazed bricks.
  • Plaster repairs.
  • Terrazzo and parquet floor repairs.
  • Joinery repairs.


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