Resin Injection and Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

Resin Injection.

Resin injection techniques have proved to be a valuable ally in the repair and conservation of stone, timber, concrete and brick over the past decade.

While epoxy resin injection has frequently sparked debate among preservation purists, the fact is it can be used to achieve a very high standard of repair by knitting together fragile and fractured structures. Crucially, these concrete crack repairs are almost invisible, preserving the aesthetic value that is particularly important in many of the more historic buildings we work on.

In addition to the application of epoxy resins, there are a number of flexible polyurethane resins available. These are used in cases where a greater degree of movement is expected in the building and work to re-bond crack or joint interfaces, thus preventing potentially damaging water or gas from getting into or out of a structure.


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In cases where the extent of the decay is more severe, pinning can be used to fix loose pieces of masonry to the main structure and improve the stability of the substrate. Once this is secure, stainless steel dowels are drilled into the stonework and fixed in place with epoxy resin, as the two techniques combine to add even greater protection for damaged structures.

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Quadriga has considerable experience in a variety of pinning and resin injection techniques used in concrete repair. Our expertise enables us to assist in structural repair by re-bonding delaminated floor screeds, cracked renders, timber shakes and cracks in concrete and masonry.

Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

Carbon fibre plate bonding is the process of applying plates to concrete surfaces using epoxy resin and bolted fittings.

Previously, steel plates were used to carry out this function, but over time advances in technology have seen carbon fibre pushed to the fore as a significantly lighter, easier to install material, and this is now widely used in restoration projects.

Typical applications

This technique is implemented to provide additional resistance to bending, improve load capacity or reduce deflections. It is also particularly useful as a retrospective method, for example if a building’s purpose changes.

Carbon fibre fabric can also be used to strengthen columns and beams using a wrapping technique. Here, single or multiple layers of uni or bi-directional fabric are impregnated with resin adhesive and applied to sections such as beams and columns to improve their strength.

A further use is the improvement of bursting or impact resistance for columns on bridge structures, which is particularly important if the structure finds itself needing to deal with increased vehicle loadings.

Quadriga uses high performance carbon fibre plate reinforcement in order to strengthen reinforced concrete, masonry and timber structures.

Benefits of carbon fibre plate bonding

We have seen how carbon fibre plate bonding can be used to good effect in a variety of applications. The benefits of doing so are summarised below:

  • Increased load capacity
  • Improved serviceability
  • Reduced deflection
  • Repairs damaged concrete
  • Removal of walls and columns, openings in floor slabs if the structure must deal with a change in use
  • Flexural strengthening

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