Stone Masonry, Concrete & Timber Restoration

Stone Restoration

Incompatible materials placed beside one another are the most common cause of stone masonry failure. Stone restoration options are broadly the same as those used in other types of masonry and include complete renewal, in situ surface restoration or consolidation.

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Masonry Repair

Masonry failure is usually caused by factors such as bad detailing in the original construction, incompatible materials placed beside one another and inadequate weathering. Quadriga are specialists in the repair of brickwork, terracotta and faience, and stucco rendered structures.

 Masonry Consolidation

Quadriga can offer a variety of masonry consolidation techniques to suit every type of failure in brick, stone or rubble construction. Careful choice of grout type, reinforcement and methods of introduction to the failed structure is our speciality allowing us to turn weak or failed masonry into strong, loadbearing material.

Timber Restoration & Upgrade

Quadriga can often totally restore the strength and load carrying capability of a rotted section of timber quickly and economically using synthetic resins and mortars with stainless steel reinforcement. Our techniques allow us to maximise the amount of original timber retained with the minimum possible disruption.


Concrete Repair

With many years of experience in all forms of concrete repair, Quadriga are an approved applicator for all major product manufacturers. So, whether your project is a large scale repair or small emergency repairs, Quadriga can provide a fast and efficient response.

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Our services also extend to other restoration tasks such as masonry and stone repair, timber repair, cathodic protection, damp and waterproofing prevention and Helifix installation. We can help with anything from grand castles and churches to schools and shopping centres, so get in touch and find out how we could assist with your project.

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We are suitably experienced to inspect and advise on the most suitable methods of repairing concrete, stone, brick and timber

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Façade restoration

Quadriga is an award winning historic building restoration specialist

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Building maintenance

Listed building façade maintenance

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Our work aims to repair whilst preserving the original aesthetic value as far as possible

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