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As specialists in listed building restoration, Quadriga knows the kind of damage that can be done to timber over the years. Fungal decay and pest problems, if left untreated, can cause deep structural deterioration that leaves timber frame buildings unsafe and close to ruin. Fortunately, modern timber treatments have been developed that can preserve the existing wood and prevent future damage.

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Timber preservation methods

Timber is a natural material, which despite being sturdy and versatile, can fall prey to a range of ailments. Quadriga has developed techniques to treat and prevent these problems:

  • Dry rot – Also known as brown rot, this is a form of fungal decay that can attack seemingly dry environments. Wood can appear cracked and brittle, in more serious cases crumbling to dust. Dry rot timber treatments include epoxy filling and structural support, while anti-fungal chemical spraying can prevent initial or further infection.
  • Wet rot – In places where wood has been exposed to damp, and often with poor ventilation, timber can begin rotting away. We can repair and restore damaged wood and provide anti-fungal chemical spraying; however, we will also advise on damp proofing methods that could prevent future rot.
  • Wood boring insects – Our chemical spray treatments can prevent infestation by wood boring insects such as House Longhorn Beetles and weevils. Commonly known as woodworm, the larvae of these creatures can gradually eat away at the floorboards or frame of a building, causing costly damage.

Treating timber decay

If any of these problems are already present in your timber, contact our team of specialists to learn more about our expert timber conservation services. From epoxy resin filling to splicing and replacing entire sections of timber, our methods are intended to preserve as much as possible of the original structure.

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Our services also extend to other restoration tasks such as masonry and stone repair, timber repair, cathodic protection, damp and waterproofing prevention and Helifix installation. We can help with anything from grand castles and churches to schools and shopping centres, so get in touch and find out how we could assist with your project.

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