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Total Facade Restoration

Quadriga specialise in the conservation, preservation, restoration and repair of  historic buildings, using techniques to protect, maintain, and stabilise their integrity.  Preservation can include both short-term and interim measures to protect or stabilize the structure, as well as long-term actions to retard deterioration or prevent damage. This ensures that the building can be kept serviceable through routine maintenance and minimal repair, rather than extensive replacement and new construction.

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We have the expertise to carry out building surveys on any building, including those with listed status



Through repair, alterations and or additions, historic property rehabilitation can also allow the continuing or compatible contemporary use of a historic place or an individual component. We can give a historic structure a new lease of life, while protecting its heritage value.

An initial site inspection will define the brief to establish a comprehensive refurbishment or maintenance programme. The structure will be re-inspected thereafter and a thorough survey will be carried out to collect information and document the results, evaluate the data collected and make a condition appraisal. This will involve material testing, quantifying the repairs and applying associated costs.

Our core values

Our core values of innovation and transparency allow us to find new solutions to age-old problems, and lovingly restore historic buildings while maintaining a commercial awareness of time and cost efficiency.