Waterproofing Systems


Damp penetration can cause major deterioration of the building fabric, growth of wood rotting fungi and reduced durability of basements. To overcome these defects, a number of remedial treatments are available from Quadriga.

Incorrect diagnosis and selection of unsuitable waterproofing systems can prove to be expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. Quadriga is experienced in many types of waterproofing systems and can recommend and specify appropriate systems to provide cost effective, guaranteed solutions.


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Basement waterproofing or tanking

Waterproofing of existing cellars and basements is becoming increasingly popular as property prices increase. Converting a damp cellar or basement can be a surprisingly inexpensive way of increasing living space and can substantially increase the value of a property. Waterproofed cellars and basements can be converted into kitchens, bathrooms, wine cellars, living rooms, studies, or even recording studios. You are limited only by your imagination.

In commercial premises, basement waterproofing is common in creating extra storage space, car parks, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Health and safety regulations mean it is vital that an underground space used by the public is fully waterproof, structurally sound and well ventilated.

Quadriga offers basement tanking for residential and commercial property, overseeing the process from initial survey through to application of the membrane. We can also advise on and implement any additional repairs or modifications necessary to make the basement suitable for regular use.


Waterproofing Deck Membranes

Repair and maintenance of existing or the provision of new waterproof deck membranes can provide continued protection against costly concrete deterioration.

It can also enhance the aesthetic appearance of an otherwise dull, grey concrete surface and create non-slip adhesion to ramps and walkways. The membrane forms a blank canvas for directional signage and demarcation routes, and more recently a source of potential advertising space.

All too often the failure of deck joints create a number of problems in structures, including water penetration into the slabs causing deterioration of the concrete, ponding of water, salt laden moisture dripping on people and vehicles, and water penetration into light fittings.


Joint and Crack Sealing

Where structural movement is unavoidable, flexible polyurethane injection or hyperlon strip membranes can be installed. These allow dynamic movement of the structure without compromising the integrity of the waterproofing system.