7 reasons to love our heritage buildings!

7th Jan 2019

Our country is full of rich architecture that has architectural importance, from historic monuments to high profile buildings.

So why is it so important to love and conserve our buildings?

We’ve put together our top 7 reasons why you should love our heritage buildings and how they can be preserved for the future.

1. 99% of people live within a mile of a listed building – these buildings give the local area its character and own distinct architectural style thanks to local architects!

2. Sustainability – Protecting and enhancing our historic built environment meets our present needs whilst sustainably developing for the future.

3. Historic buildings attract people and businesses to the area – giving the local economy a boost! Research has found that over 50% of overseas tourists pay a visit to one of our well-loved castles or historic buildings.

4. Opportunities for growth – there is a wealth of untapped potential in our northern cities, for example old mills located in north of England provide the vacant space for exciting re-uses such as housing, offices, restaurants and events spaces.

5. Rich culture – They form part of our rich culture and often become hubs for cultural activities such as theatres, musical events, community events.

6. History – Our buildings provide an insight into our countries history, cultural foundations and traditional building techniques. Some date back as far as the middle ages!

7. They are home to some of the most important foundations of our country such as parliament, local government, ecclesiastical, libraries and…the Queen!

Through repairs, alterations, additions and preservation techniques, we can protect, maintain and stabilise the existing materials, form and integrity of a historic place or individual component. An initial site inspection will define the refurbishment or maintenance plan and from this the historic structure can be given a new lease of life.

Quadriga does much more than preserve bricks and mortar, our built history connects us with our past and provides context for the places we occupy and the world we live in.

Our core business values and specialist employees enable us to lovingly restore historic buildings throughout the country.

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