Historic Timber Floor Restoration

6th Jun 2024

Upon entering a heritage building, one of the first features that captures your attention is often the historic flooring.  Many traditional buildings contain beautiful timber floors which are rich with history and tell stories through their unique patterns, grains, and imperfections.  Over the years, these floors can become worn, marked, discoloured, and damaged which not only impacts their aesthetic significance but can pose a safety risk to occupiers.  Quadriga have worked on countless projects involving historic floor restoration and the before and after photos speak for themselves.  By carefully restoring wooden floors in listed and heritage buildings, we can return them to their former glory and preserve the history found in each grain, so that future generations can connect with the stories of the floor and of the building.  A restored wooden floor has the additional benefit of being easier to maintain and clean, ensuring its longevity for years to come.


The first step in any timber floor restoration project is to survey and assess its current condition.  This involves historic research to understand the original techniques and materials and an examination of the floor, identifying any areas of damage.

The condition of the floor is then documented through photos, reports, and sketches where appropriate.  This serves as a valuable reference throughout the restoration process and ensures that all historical details are understood and preserved.

There are some cases where the floor will need to be removed temporarily to address any structural issues.  Each section of floor will be careful labelled and stored so that it is replaced back to its original position and orientation.  Additionally, flooring may need to be re-laid if wooden boards have shrunk, often as a result of central heating which removes moisture from the air.  Damaged sections of timber will be repaired using traditional methods which are sympathetic and appropriate for the type of material.  It is a priority of ours to conserve as much of the original timber as possible and only replace that which is beyond repair.

The final stage involves applying a suitable finish, such as oil or wax to provide protection to the restored floor and ensure the correct aesthetic is achieved.


As with all heritage projects, timber floor restoration is not without its challenges.  Finding suitable materials and skilled craftspeople can be difficult and we may find further issues once the floor has been taken up, which could not be seen previously.  However, with Quadriga’s vast experience, dedicated team of in-house specialists and commitment to tackling the skills shortage, we can restore these beautiful floors to their former glory, using time honoured techniques and appropriate repair methods.


If you have a historic floor you’d like some advice on please get in touch via our Contact Page.


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